Developing Baton Rouge Explores Downtown’s New ‘Greenway’

Developing Baton Rouge Exclusive


** Edit: This article was edited on 1/17/17 to clarify that the Downtown stretch of the Greenway project is only a portion of the overall master plan for the 2.75 mile greenway.

Last Saturday, on the coldest day of 2017 (so far at least), Developing Baton Rouge layered up and headed out to explore the newly opened Downtown Greenway.

The Downtown Greenway at North Blvd., completed at the end of 2016, is a 0.2 mile stretch of the planned 2.75 mile greenway. The vision for the project is to become a biking and pedestrian corridor that links inner city neighborhoods to downtown parks, businesses, and cultural attractions utilizing the existing BREC parks, interstate infrastructure, and public right of ways.

There are additional connectors planned in the coming years, but construction has not yet begun. Click here for the fact sheet and complete master plan.

The greenway starts where North Boulevard’s town square ends and it ends at the I-110 North Boulevard access ramp area. If things go as planned the greenway will soon link up to the East Blvd./TJ Jemison Blvd. trail (construction on that trail is to begin this year).

Check out our photo tour below and when the weather warms up make it your resolution to GET OUT THERE! and experience this  awesome development in person.


Downtown Greenway’s main entrance marker. Shoutout to the Louisiana cutout detail (bottom right).


Wooden blocks make for a contemporary seating arrangement. The area will make for a nice shaded spot when the trees grow in.


The greenway’s main function is a shared pedestrian and bike trail. Reflective green bike lanes and  pedestrian crosswalks differentiate the path between boulevard segments.


Directional fixtures cast light onto North Boulevard’s live oaks.


The walking path is differentiated from the bike path with a natural gravel look/feel.


For when you’re ready to hop off and explore downtown, one of many bike rack spots.


How could you not be happy biking/walking this trail??


Bench areas are scattered throughout the greenway.


Workout station on the greenway’s path. This was still under construction.


Photos don’t do this project justice. Get out there and enjoy it!