Peter Olson Takes Us On A Tour of Knock Knock’s Progress

Developing Baton Rouge Exclusive


Developing Baton Rouge was lucky enough to get an in-progress tour of Knock Knock Children’s museum. Our tour guide was none other than Peter Olson, Knock Knock’s new executive director. Peter, a native Minnesotan, recently relocated to Baton Rouge to take the position.

The museum, scheduled to open next summer, will undoubtedly become an instant hit with both kids and adults (Brian and I are already crossing our fingers for after hours events). Peter asked that we only show exterior views of the building for now, but we were able to tour inside. Entering through a three story covering, the interior is a series of huge, unfolding space, deceiving even from the street front. While the sheetrock is just starting to go up you can begin to make out the future zones that will accommodate some seriously fun exhibits.

Scroll down for our pictures below and stay tuned for updates.


Main entrance poking through behind a live oak


Close up of the main entrance and three story viewing area


For scale, a shot with Brian (left) and Peter


From the back, a nice pop out of windows for natural light


This area will become a picnic spot, shaded by one of the many live oaks on property


The three story view overlooking Dalrymple Drive and the lakes